Our Products

The Best Eggs

Our hens free range around the farm in grass, bugs and worms, and are fed local non-gmo grains. Compared to conventional store eggs, pastured, free range eggs have:

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3 more vitamin A
  • Two times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • Three times more vitamin E
  • Seven times more beta carotene – converts to vitamin A
  • Recently noted, 4-6 times more vitamin D

See and taste the difference.

Price: $3.75 per dozen.

Pastured Poultry

Our chickens are raised on pasture in moveable shelters. We feed a blend of non-gmo feed mixed with vitamins, trace minerals and probotics. They are moved every day to new pasture away from yesterday's excrement and on to new grass and bugs.

We begin with day old chicks and grow them to eight weeks of age. We process them here on the farm in the open air. They never receive any vaccinations, medications or hormones.

Whole Chicken: $3.80/lb

Pastured Pork

Pleased piggies on pasture describes our hogs. Pasturing hogs allows them to root, roll, wallow, and graze-the way Nature made them-producing leaner, healthier and more delicious pork.

Our pigs are raised on pasture in rotational patterns, and are fed local non-gmo grains. Digging and wallowing in the mud, just as pigs are supposed to. They get exercise daily which builds lean meat.

With constant access to clean water, Non-GMO, local grains grown without pesticides/herbicides, the pigs grow up strong and healthy.

Whole Hog: $5.15/lb
Half Hog: $5.55/lb

100% Grass Fed Beef

There really is a big difference between grass fed beef, and grain/corn fed beef. You see, cattle were meant to eat grass, not grain. Until the mid 1940's cattle were fattened on grass, not grain and corn. There’s a reason for that ... cattle are herbivores, not carnivores. This means they were designed to eat grass not grain, corn, antibiotics and growth hormones ... all of which are too common in today's beef. But when a cow eats only grass and grass products, the beef is wonderfully nutritious and high in Omega-3's and CLA's to help fight heart disease and cancer. We think that's important. 

Grass fed/finished beef tastes great, too. The Southpoll and other cattle breeds we raise, are specifically selected to fatten on grass. These breeds produce wonderfully healthy, tender steaks, lean ground beef and delicious roasts. People tell us that the flavor and tenderness is superior to corn fed beef. And when you buy in bulk, you can have all the nice steak cuts and roasts for the same price as ground beef. WOW! Save money, eat healthier and enjoy great tasting beef.

When you're ready to save some real money, order a quarter, half, or whole beef direct from us!

Price: $8.00/lb (finished meat weight per pound) 

The Turkeys

Our holiday turkeys will be started in June, and will be available in October.

We really enjoy raising turkeys. It is really fun to see their different personalities. Be sure to visit the farm between August and October to see the turkeys.

Our turkeys are raised on pasture, and are moved to fresh pasture daily. They are fed local, non-gmo grains.